Tourism is an important source of
income for many cities and regions.

Creating smart and sustainable tourism destinations that offer unique and innovative experiences is essential to maintain competitiveness in this sector and ensure a positive impact on the environment and society.

However, there are still significant challenges facing smart cities in the area of tourism. These include:

● The need to create personalized and relevant travel experiences for visitors.
●The need to ensure the safety and comfort of tourists while maintaining high quality standards.
● The need to improve the efficiency of tourism services to ensure sustainability and the well-being of the local community.

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Main benefits.

Libelium offers the following benefits to solve this challenge:
Real-time data analysis to better understand tourists' behavior and needs, allowing destinations to personalize their experience and improve their satisfaction.
Intelligent security and surveillance systems, which can quickly detect and respond to risk situations.
The implementation of sustainable technologies, such as smart waste management and efficient energy use, to improve the sustainability of tourism services.
The creation of digital solutions for tourism destination management, such as customized mobile applications and online booking and payment systems.

Our success stories

Illes Balears se convertirá en un destino turístico inteligente ampliando las redes de sensores IoT

12 december 2018

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